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Our Company

Learning your vision is our key for success; therefore, we customize our service for each client. While most of our clients prefer not to be involved in the daily operations, others want to be directly involved and choose to utilize our team to simply support them in their efforts through the use of our infrastructure and market experience. Our fee schedule can be adjusted to customize your management needs. Our team of professionals are passionate about achieving excellence in all aspects of property management and look forward to learning more about your investment goals.

Well managed properties will have properly documented resident files, rent rates and occupancy rates in-line with the market, and a maintenance schedule that supports the ongoing needs of the property. The initial set-up of a new property includes a property analysis to determine the unique spectrum of current needs. Once we understand the current needs of the property we will strategically work forward to either maintain a well running property or set benchmarks and a plan for continued improvement to spiral upward.

Our current portfolio includes roughly 1,200 units located throughout the Greater Portland area. We serve as far north as Longview and Kelso and south to Corvallis and Sweet Home. This makes us large enough to gain cost saving and service preference advantages, yet still small enough to customize our care and respond promptly to a changing market. It is our philosophy to manage each property as if it were our own; continually seeking ways to be more efficient and effective in our practice. To enforce this philosophy our portfolio managers and maintenance team meet monthly to engage in peer-to-peer enrichment and continued education opportunities.

Regency Management, Inc was founded by John and Jem Winquist in 2001 and they have been succeeded in their retirement by the Director of Operations, Kristy Sanchez. As you finalize your property management company selection, you are welcome to reach out for support or service to address any follow-up questions.

We look forward to serving you in achieving the goals of your real estate investment.

About the President

Kristy Sanchez joined Regency Management, Inc. in June 2006. She received her degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Real Estate Finance, from Portland State University and has found her professional passion in the management of investment properties and strategic business planning.

Kristy excels at identifying key team members, establishing policies and procedures, and mentoring individuals to help them be successful in their roles within the team. She is enthusiastic for property management and the challenges this field of work brings. She is gifted in problem solving and enjoys the challenge of using her calm, analytical style to tackle any problem that comes her way.

In 2011 Kristy became a licensed real estate broker in Washington State enabling the company to expand their services across the state line and become licensed in Oregon as a Certified Property Manager in 2017.

Her diligence and commitment to the values of the company has earned her the opportunity to succeed John and Jem in their retirement.

About the Founders

After two years in the Peace Corps, army service and teaching sixteen years in the Beaverton Public Schools, John Winquist decided on a career change. He began his property management career working ten years at Guardian Management Company (1989-1999), where he earned his CPM designation (key # 16594) and supervised up to twenty-nine properties totaling over 1,100 units, ranging from fifteen to one hundred units.

They realize that it is often the small details that make the difference between 90% and 97% occupancy, which in turn can make the difference between positive or negative cash flow, especially in down economic cycles. It’s the details of maintaining a “Disneyland” clean environment, enforcing the quiet enjoyment rules, and building relationships that cultivate long-term residents.

Company Mission Statement

We are a team of experts who cultivate vibrant communities.

Company Vision Statement

We are in the business of solving problems; our savvy team takes problems, turns them into solutions and solutions turn into profit and happy living.